Annual report 2016: 
Driving cloud growth

Basware's cloud revenues grew strongly, approaching half of total net sales in 2016. The focus is on customers and their success, improving execution and simplifying operations to boost future growth. 

Strategy: Growing cloud revenues is the number one strategic priority

Cloud revenue growth is Basware’s primary objective and where long term value in our business will be created. As the market leader in networked purchase to pay, Basware is uniquely well positioned to capture the potential in the market.

CEO’s review: Focus on cloud growth

I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to lead Basware. We are very lucky as Baswareans to work in a company that is operating in a fast moving market with significant growth potential.

Responsibility: 100% paperless

As the largest open business network in the world, Basware provides scale and reach for organizations of all sizes, enabling them to grow their business by simplifying and streamlining financial processes while reducing their carbon footprint through paperless processes. 

Baswareans: Gearing up for the future

The company continues to gear up for the future, with its people taking center stage. Several actions were taken to support the strategic priority to evolve the company culture and way of working to focus more on performance and strengthen the customer-centric mindset.

Solutions & services: Innovation in the limelight

Basware is the global leader in providing networked purchase-to-pay (P2P) solutions and delivering the best financial supply chain experience. We are helping our customers to realize tomorrow’s financial goals today.

Corporate Governance Statement 2016

The Corporate Governance Statement is issued separately from the report of Board of Directors. Both the report and the statement are available in our e-annual report.