Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows (IFRS)


Cash flows from operating activities  
Profit/loss for the period-7,077-11,524
Adjustments for profit:  
Depreciation and amortisation10,68810,108
Share of profit/loss of a joint venture1531,048
Gain (-) / loss (+) on disposals of assets-16,2760
Unrealised foreign exchange gains and losses204764
Financial income and expenses1,6941,002
Tax on income from operations3,551-752
Other adjustments2,551642
Total adjustments2,56412,812
Changes in working capital:  
Increase (-) / decrease (+) in trade and other receivables-841-3,123
Increase (+) / decrease (-) in trade and other payables2,1224,766
Increase (+) / decrease (-) in provisions-763-4,141
Total changes in working capital518-2,499
Financial items in operating activities-1,419-958
Income taxes paid (-) / received (+)-848-1,832
Cash flows from operating activities-6,261-4,001
Cash flows used in investing activities  
Purchase of tangible and intangible assets-11,178-12,485
Net proceeds from sale of tangible and intangible assets*29,6470
Cash flows from investing activities18,469-12,485
Cash flows from financing activities  
Repayment of current borrowings-1,996-27,998
Proceeds from non-current borrowings9,92330,000
Cash flows from financing activities7,9272,002
Net change in cash and cash equivalents20,135-14,484
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of period20,68335,755
Net foreign exchange difference-71-588
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of period40,74720,683

*Includes proceeds and disbursements directly attributable to the divestments made in Q1 2018

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