Parent Company Income Statement (FAS)

 EUR thousand

NET SALES274,87482,909
Other operating income331,8510
Materials and services4-13,111-12,762
Employee benefits expenses5-29,640-33,508
Depreciation and amortization6-7,898-7,139
Other operating expenses7-48,526-43,328
Operating profit/loss 7,549-13,827
Financial income81,4951,818
Financial expenses8-2,589-3,273
Impairment on investments12-4,9940
Profit/loss before appropriation and taxes 1,460-15,282
Income tax expense90-187

During the financial year 2018, Basware Oy aligned its revenue recognition principles with the Group in accordance with Finnish Accounting Rules.Due to the change in the recognition principles the figures for financial year 2018 and 2017 are not comparable. The impact on net sales and balance sheet figures are presented in Note 2 and the effect on equity in Note 15.

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