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Basware shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. The company has one series of shares, with the trading code BAS1V. Basware has been listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.) since February 29, 2000. The listing price of the share was EUR 5.70.

At the end of 2018, the total number of shares issued by Basware was 14,401,936 (14,401,936). The book counter value per share is EUR 0.30. Each share confers one vote in the general meeting of shareholders, and all shares carry an equal right to dividend. 

Share capital and trading

At the end of 2018, Basware Corporation's share capital was EUR 3,528,368.70 (EUR 3,528,368.70).

During 2018, the highest price of the share was EUR 47.60 (EUR 47.50), the lowest was EUR 19.75 (EUR 31.96) and the closing price of the period was EUR 39.50 (EUR 47.50). The average price of the share was EUR 34.00 (EUR 38.84) during the period.

A total of 3,005,479 (1,681,791) shares were traded during the period, corresponding to 20.9 percent (11.7%) of the average number of shares. Market capitalization with the period’s closing price on December 31, 2018, was EUR 567,633,802 (EUR 682,085,892).

The total amount of own shares held by the company on December 31, 2018 was 31,460 shares (42,333 shares), representing approximately 0.2 percent (0.3 %) of all of outstanding shares.

Incentive schemes

Additional information on the company's share-based incentive schemes is available on the company's investor webpages and Remuneration report.


Basware had 11,508 (11,682) shareholders on December 31, 2018, of which 10 are nominee registers. Nominee registered holdings accounted for 52.2 percent (46.7%) of the total number of shares.

Distribution of holdings by number of shares, December 31, 2018

Number of shareholders% of shareholdersNumber of shares% of shares


Distribution by sector, December 31, 2018

Number of holders% of shareholdersShares, pcs% of shares
Private companies3923.4451,3053.1
Financial and insurance institutions400.38,853,16261.5
Public sector organizations70.11,257,6118.7
Non-profit organizations320.362,0050.4
Non-Finnish shareholders600.570,8060.5
Of which Nominee-registered100.17,524,13652.2


Major shareholders on December 31, 2018

Shares, pcsShares, %
1. Sihvo Ilkka Juhani885,3006.1
2. Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company591,9214.1
3. Vaajoensuu Hannu575,8574
Vaajoensuu Hannu309,3572.1
Havacment Oy266,5001.9
4. OP-Finland Value Fund533,3293.7
5. Eräkangas Kirsi Maria434,8763
6. Perttunen, Sakari384,3752.7
7. Veritas Pension Insurance Company Ltd.367,3922.6
8. The State Pension Fund256,0001.8
9. Pöllänen Antti201,1791.4
10. Eräkangas, Lotta191,4001.3
11. Swiss Life Luxembourg Sa186,5611.3
12. Perttunen, Meimi145,1071
13. OP-Finland Small Firms Fund103,8290.7
14. Danske Invest Finnish Institutional Equity Fund 100,0000.7
15. Vaajoensuu Petra83,8000.6
16. Vaajoensuu, Matias83,8000.6
17. Vaajoensuu Sara83,7000.6
18. Nordea Pro Finland Fund64,7250.4
19. Danske Invest Finnish Small Cap Fund 60,0000.4
20. Danske Invest Finland Opportunities 59,0000.4
Total 20 shareholders5,968,00841.4
Nominee registered total7,524,13652.2
Total remaining909,7926.3


Ownership of the Board of Directors and Executive Team

On December 31, 2018, the members of the Board of Directors and Executive Team held in total 949,017 company shares, accounting for 6.6% of the total number of shares and votes.

Holdings of the Board of Directors and Executive Team

Number of shares% of all shares
Ilkka Sihvo, Chairman885,3006.1
Michael Ingelög, Vice-Chairman5,0000
David Bateman00
Daryl Rolley2970
Asko Schrey1,2970
Tuija Soanjärvi2,1490
Holdings of the Board of Directors in total894,0436.2
Vesa Tykkyläinen, CEO16,1350.1
Niclas Rosenlew, CFO9,4760.1
Klaus Andersen00
Jane Broberg1,7060
Lars Madsen2,8630
Ilari Nurmi12,3820.1
Mikko Pilkama1,8810
Paul Taylor2,8170
Jussi Vasama1,9430
Eric Wilson5,7710
Holdings of Executive Team in total54,9740.4


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