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1,400 employees in 14 countries are the cornerstone of Basware’s success. Therefore, employee engagement and competence development are high priorities for us.

Basware values and rewards its employees, as well as encourages a friendly and productive working environment. In 2018, Basware took steps to improve its employee engagement, performance culture and career development.

Basware organizes YourVoice employee engagement survey annually and follows up the results through action points each year. In 2018 the survey had a response rate of 90% and the results showed improvements from previous year in several areas from visible company culture to managers’ leadership. Employee engagement was measured through questions on recommendation, motivation, pride and commitment. For example, 72% of Basware’s employees agreed that “they would recommend a friend” to work at Basware.

Basware’s employees are living our four core values: ‘Lead the way’, ‘Drive customer success’, ‘Strive for Excellence’ and ‘Inspire and be inspired’. On average approximately 90% of our employees responded either positively or neutral on statements about our values in the annual survey. The responses showed that Basware succeeds best in ‘Leading the way’ by striving for continuous improvement and having immediate managers with good leadership skills.

In 2018 Basware took steps to further improve its performance culture by adding peer-to-peer feedback to employees’ performance review discussions, organizing a webinar on performance and feedback as well as encouraging employees to identify and celebrate high performing colleagues through internal communication channels.

Basware launched a career workshop program to provide its employees an opportunity to discuss and get feedback on their career plans and development. The workshops, organized in all Basware’s locations in 14 countries, received great feedback from the participants. Workshops’ group discussions helped employees to define the next steps for their careers and identify areas of improvement to reach their career objectives.

In addition, Basware continued to offer development opportunities by organizing several training sessions globally with focus on leadership, project management and facilitation, expertise skills, coaching and communication.

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