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Consolidated Financial Statements (IFRS)

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Corporate responsibility

Basware is committed to operating responsibly, helping companies move to paperless processes and fostering employee welfare.

Basware’s digital solutions and services provide our customers environmental benefits by automating their financial processes with cloud-based software, thus reducing the use and distribution of paper and reliance on separate, company-specific data centres.  Furthermore, Basware’s automated invoicing processes reduce emissions from accounts payable employee commuting and computing. According to our estimates, replacing old paper-based invoicing processes with Basware’s automated invoice solutions reduces global carbon emissions by roughly 40% per invoice. 

Basware’s corporate environmental responsibility is incorporated into the company’s business strategy and operations. Basware has set goals to improve its environmental awareness and footprint in its Environmental Policy. Greenhouse gas emissions are calculated annually and reported to CDP. Basware is focused on reducing its energy consumption at offices as well as emissions from business travel and commuting.

Basware complies with several international and local standards, legislations and policies to ensure that human and labor rights are respected. We support diversity in the workforce and are committed to equal opportunity in the workplace. Basware’s values and Code of Conduct are the foundation of responsible business operations. 99% of Basware’s employees had completed a Code of Conduct training by the end of 2018.

Basware is committed to foster employee welfare. 72% of Basware’s employees globally “would recommend Basware as a great place to work” according to our employee engagement survey in 2018. Both of Basware’s US locations were awarded with ‘Best place to work’ for the second consecutive year, which shows that we have the benefits, policies and practices in place to create a productive and friendly working environment. Basware encourages its employees to volunteer through its #GiveBack initiative. In 2018 our employees took part in various events from planting trees to preparing food for the people in need.

Since 2000, Basware has supported young artists by organizing international “Art of Basware” competition, in which the winning artwork gets purchased to Basware’s collection. In 2018, artists submitted more than 380 paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and video works reflecting the theme “Every Action Counts”.

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